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Beautiful Blogger Award

15 Sep

We are thrilled and honored to have been presented The Beautiful Blogger Award by the lovely Sharon and Yvonne of Layers and Layers. Layers and Layers is a wonderful design resource showroom in Vancouver, BC, with a whole host of design services available. On top of that, they are simply refreshing, funny and excellent at what they do. Take a peek at their blog and Yvonne and Sharon on Twitter to see what I mean.

Now that the “Beautiful Blogger Award” has been presented to us, we must adhere to the requirements… We must reveal  “10 things you didn’t know about Zia-Priven”. We’ll try not to shock our gentle readers too much…lol, and save the juicy stuff for Vanity Fair (when they ask…), but for now here goes…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zia-Priven

1. We are both originally from the movie business; Marcia was a Production Designer and Emmy-nominated Set Decorator and Paul was an Assistant Director who worked on some pretty big name films.  Some better than others…We met while working on one of Terrence Howard’s first films called–brace yourself–“Love Beat the Hell Outta Me.”  Yes, “Outta.”  Two t’s. I have to admit, the movie wasn’t too bad, and it was quite a thrill to watch Terrence work, but best of all this is where the “Zia” and the “Priven” first met.  Thanks, Terrence!
via IMDB

2. We absolutely love an adventure and traveling is one of our favorite ways to find one.  It can be across the world, country or street–finding the beauty in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary keeps our creativity flowing and our hearts happy.

via Zia-Priven

3. Paul is very talented and has played classical piano since he was 6 years old.via RayLuck

4. We thoroughly enjoy Interior Design and Decoration ourselves beyond  lighting and have done it for friends and family for years.  After all, set decorating was Marcia’s first love!  We’ve been working on our home since January with plans for before and after reveals on The Studio Luxe and possibly in a design publication (keep your fingers crossed!).  We’re considering branching out in the near future…

Jamie Drake Interior via apartment therapy

5. When we moved to NY to really launch our company, we had nothing but the contents of our 15 ft. U-Haul, $1500, our 2 cats and each other.  We drove across the country with kitties serenading us the whole way, to an apartment in Brooklyn we had never laid eyes on.  Once there, we hit the ground running, out of excitement, fear and, frankly, pure adrenaline. Now, that was an adventure and the reason why our hearts will always belong to NYC. The old adage is true, “If you can make it there…”

via thelovemagazineblog

6.  We enjoy cooking together when we get a chance.  We find it relaxing and it’s a different way to express our creativity…that’s delicious too!

via Luxist

7. We design lighting for other companies as well as our own, specifically Stonegate Designs and Robert Abbey, Inc. and were instrumental in helping to win the Arts Award (the most prestigious award in lighting design) for Stonegate with our Mercer Chandelier in 2009.  P.S. We’re also their top-selling designers and thrilled to hold the title!

Mercer Chandelier via Stonegate Designs

8. Marcia studied Fine Art in college, painted for many years and still does when she finds the time. She’s planning a huge, 10ft Rorshach for our living room after seeing Warhol’s version at MOMA. No, we’re not kidding.

via bluetravelguide

9. We LOVE Aretha Franklin and have for as long as I can remember. One of the best concerts we ever saw was Aretha at the Apollo Theatre, chill inducing and absolutely unforgettable!

via myhoustonmajic

10. This is something very dear to us and much more important than anything listed above.  After many years of wanting a child, we’ve started the process of adoption and are about to embark on finding the right match for us–we are thrilled and humbled by the thought of finally having a little one in our lives.

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So, that’s it, 10 things you may not have known about Zia-Priven… Now, in the spirit of the Beautiful Blogger Award, it is my duty and pleasure to pass it on. The award is presented to bring about awareness to blogs you may not already known of and these are some great ones. Let’s hope this talented group of ladies will have the time to share a few secrets of their own…

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Enjoy and good reading!