Welcome to The Studio Luxe blog where we believe delighting in the gorgeous, glamorous and sometime gaudy is a thrill and guilty pleasures are well, guilt free. We celebrate Luxe to the fullest through design, fashion, film, art, photography and whatever else comes up. We believe Luxe Living is found at the Couturier and Cartier as well as the flea market and the grocery store. Honey, Luxe is everywhere, you just gotta know it when you see it.  

Hi, I’m Marcia Zia, Founder and Editor of The Studio Luxe, and Creative Director and Co-Founder, with my husband Paul (he’s the Priven), of  Zia-Priven, Inc. , a custom lighting design studio based in Los Angeles. I also design lighting for Stonegate Designs and Robert Abbey, Inc., am currently working on an accessory and furniture line, and have a few other things up my sleeve.

I have quite a varied design past. After studying fine arts and winning several scholarships as a painter, I worked for years at an Antique Auction where I learned to appreciate the beauty in things I didn’t necessarily like.  I was a faux finisher, set painter, Art Director and went on to become a Production Designer, and even an Emmy-nominated Set Decorator for various commercials, films and television (I did my time at CBS). I made a lot of mistakes along the way, learned to never take myself too seriously, but I also learned a lot of great insider information and that’s why I’m here.  I’d like to share the good, the bad and the ugly–my thoughts on all things design; stuff we design addicts thrive on.  I’ve been called a mix of Anna Wintour and Betty White.  That can’t be SO bad, right?  I might even like it…just don’t tell anyone.  

Oh. And I love a nice glass of Cabernet, good friends, a great flea market, and our two ridiculous cats, Simon and Lulu. I assure you, they are ridiculous. Never trust the cuteness, it’s a ploy.